Take a Hueco Tanks Kneebar tour with Send Climbing and Just Go Climb

There's always a kneeler lurking if you just know where to look. Earlier this year, we collaborated with Just Go Climb to film a kneebar tour in Hueco Tanks'. Watch as our crew slams kneelers all over  East Mountain. 

A Hueco Tanks East Mountain Kneebar Tour from BG Captures on Vimeo.

Vimeo direct link:



Featured Problems:

Brittany in a Blender V9
Try Harder V9
Hobbit with a Boner V8
Le Chninkel V11
Preston Brown V5
Sledgehammer V8
Double Pecan V8


We could write a kneebar guidebook, but for now here's a taste of a few kneebar climbs in the Hueco Tanks.

heather johnson
heather johnson