Covert Ops Crash Pad

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Our new Covert Ops crash pad is the same as our Essential Series Crash Pads without the hip belt for an extra simple design.  With the added bonus of camouflage Cordura for extra secretive invisibility!  Still constructed with our unique multi-layered foam design sets a new standard in climbing protection by providing better impact absorption. Based on our Pro design, same great foam and DistribuFrame system, just simpler.


Just the Facts Man:

  CATCH! Unique load distribution provides better impact absorption

  COMFORT! Breathable shoulder straps with sternum strap! 

  LINK pads together so they don’t slide


  NO GAP! Better hinge design improves safety


  GREAT VALUE! -  top quality materials and Made in USA


Full List of Features:

- Unique 4-Layer foam and flexible frame sheet system consisting of multilayered, dual-density high compression PU open cell foam for best performance and longevity.

   .5" closed-cell foam, DistribuFrame, 1.5" medium density open cell foam, 1.5" high density open cell foam.

- DistribuFrame - Flexible framesheet provides superior load distribution - Impacts spread over a greater area allow for slower deceleration and less injury.  Comfier landings, No bottoming out! DistribuFrame extends life of foam system.

- NO GAP.  Closed cell foam and the DistribuFrame work together to better span the hinge gap.

- Made entirely out of heavy duty 1000D nylon for great durability and lightweight performance

- Foam system lasts 2X longer than others.  Built with Standard Catch.

- Better performance out of less but higher quality foam = less weight, less bulk

- Buckle operates smoothly and holds securely

- Handles made of reclaimed climbing rope scraps

- PadLink loops on all sides - Link adjacent pads together easily to create large connected coverage

- Seamless bottoms: Minimal seams saves weight and less opportunity for seam failure.

- Made to order, and all made in USA

- Please allow time for production

- 11.2 lbs,  Open dimensions: 36" x 48" x 3.8"

Closed dimensions 36" x 24" x 7.75"

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