The 3X4 Essential Crash Pad

We are now proud to announce our new product line: the Send Essential Series Crash pads. The 3X4 Essential Crash Pad is an all-around pad designed for entry level or everyday use built with premium features! Our unique multi-layered foam design sets a new standard in climbing protection by providing better impact absorption. Based on our Custom design, same great foam and DistribuFrame system, just simpler.


Just the Facts Man:

  CATCH! Unique load distribution provides better impact absorption

  COMFORT! Superior suspension system. 

  LINK pads together so they don’t slide


  NO GAP! Better hinge design improves safety

  REINFORCED corners!

  GREAT VALUE! -  top quality materials and Made in USA


Full List of Features:

- Unique 3-Layer foam and flexible frame sheet system:

   .5" closed cell foam | DistribuFrame | 3" open cell foam

- High compression PU open cell foam for best performance and longevity.

DistribuFrame - Flexible frame sheet distributes impact - utilizes the foams natural ability to absorb the impact. - Comfier landings, No bottoming out, no mushy feeling.

- Anchored Suspension System/DistribuFrame – Creates a pack frame -  Anchored at 2 points THROUGH the foam. - No sag, flopping, or creaking, feels SOLID.

- Adjustable suspension system with 2" hip belt fit's torsos from 16-22"

- NO GAP.  Closed cell foam and the DistribuFrame work together to better span the hinge gap.

- Made entirely out of heavy duty 1000D nylon for great durability and lightweight performance

- Reinforced corners with burly 2" webbing

- Foam system lasts 2X longer than others.

- Better performance out of less but higher quality foam = less weight, less bulk

- Buckle operates smoothly and holds securely

- Handles made of reclaimed climbing rope scraps

- PadLink loops on all sides - Link adjacent pads together easily to create large connected coverage

- Seamless bottoms: Minimal seams saves weight and less opportunity for seam failure.

- Made to order, and all made in USA

- Please allow time for production

- 10.5 lbs,  Dimensions: 36" x 48" x 3.75" open


Standard colors are gray body with top triangle color of your choice with opposing gray triangle. 2 color custom top available upon request for an additional charge.

Color Choices: Maroon, Orange, Yellow, Teal, Turquoise, Dk Royal, Red, Forest Green, Purple, Cobalt, Pale Royal, Olive, Hot pink, Hot yellow, Lime green, Brown, Blaze Orange, Purple Leopard print.

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