Send Tape

New Send Tape!  Our new knee pad tape holds down knee pads securely and comfortably better than duct tape!  Stretchy, breathable, and superior!  Helps provide enhanced comfort and maximum performance when used with the Wizard Sleeve or Strap-On knee pads.

- 4" wide holds strong with less wraps. Twice as wide as duct tape.

- 2 way stretch expands with your leg but holds kneepad rigid.

- Skin friendly adhesive holds great for extended comfort and breathability.

- Reusable up to 3 times!

- Using 50% stretch is recommended for best performance. 

- 16.4 feet (5m) length

- Each use only requires 1m of length, approx 5 uses per roll, times 3!

- 6.9 oz

- Roll size: 4" x 2.63" dia

- Buy 2 Pack and save $5! a 16% savings!


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