We make the world's best knee pads.

With over a decade of experience making the best kneepads, we've made them better than ever! 

How do you make a better knee pad? Comfort, fit, functionality.

We are redefining how knee pads are worn with a wrap-around design and secure buckling straps.  Our knee pads are the easiest and fastest to put on and take off.  They don't need duct tape or spray adhesive to stay on. Our kneepads fit most all people and stay on comfortably.


SEND knee pads feature breathable, stretch mesh panels that provide critical comfort for your leg as you move. Other knee pads are often too restrictive and painful and have either poor or no rubber.  We found there's a better way!

Sticky Rubber

High performance sticky rubber with maximum friction allows the Strap-On to grab onto all kinds of rock and textures far exceeding that of any other kneepad.

Sticky Neoprene

The Downgrader STRAP-ON features high performance, one-sided, sticky, perforated neoprene to maximize adhesion, breathability and comfort for your leg.

Secure straps with Buckles

The Strap-On has sturdy 1 inch straps with exclusive 2-piece Cinch-Lock buckles that never slip allowing you to tighten it as much as you like.  The tighter it gets the more it grips.




Once you try a SEND KNEE PAD you'll never go back to anything else.




How to put on the SEND Strap-On Kneepad


NOTE: Kneepads will work great on your pants, but for best performance place directly on the skin. 

  1. Step up on something or be seated. Place the kneepad on your thigh just above knee. Buckles will appear on the left.

    NOTE: Neoprene edging should be just covering your kneecap.

  1. Position it exactly where you want it now. You won’t be able to move it once it is cinched down.
  2. Wrap left side of neoprene, stretching it and hold it against leg with left hand.
  3. Wrap right side and swap out hands so left hand is now holding both layers of wrapped neoprene.
  4. While holding neoprene, secure middle buckle on Large, or either buckle on Mini.
  5. Finish securing all buckles and tighten snugly, do not over tighten.
  6. SEND!

STICKY Neoprene - Important information

The Downgrader STRAP-ON features high performance, one-sided, sticky, perforated neoprene to maximize adhesion, breathability and comfort for your leg.  Therefore, you must place it on your leg exactly where you want it BEFORE you tighten it down.  Once you cinch it down, IT WILL NOT MOVE, so if you want to reposition it you MUST loosen it first. Tugging or pulling on the kneepad to reposition it when tightened may result in damage to the neoprene and falls under improper use. TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEOPRENE

Correct kneepad placement
 - Just covering kneecap
 - Tightly wrapped
 - Tightly cinched


Incorrect kneepad placement
 - Placed too high
 - Not wrapped tight
 - Not cinched tight


Knee pad Care

You should treat your knee pad like a climbing shoe for your leg.


Do not use Spray Adhesive/Duct Tape

The Downgrader kneepads are designed and intended to be used without spray adhesives or duct tape, and the use of those products may cause damage to the inside of the neoprene.  The neoprene is intended to be soft and tacky so it adheres to the skin comfortably on its own.


Take care of your neoprene - Wear and use

Our kneepads have ultra-high performance, super soft, sticky, breathable neoprene to provide maximum grip and maximum comfort on your leg. However this performance comes at a price, neoprene lifespan.  If you tend to do very hard, technical kneebars often, your neoprene may begin to show signs of wear, this is normal. Unlike climbing shoes, the rubber is generally the last thing to wear out.  So take care of your neoprene and enjoy the tremendous stick that it provides and SEND!