Dan Mirsky

  1. Hometown?: I am 34-year-old New Yorker, raised in New Paltz, who got stuck in Colorado 13 years ago and most recently have found myself in Salt Lake Cit
  2. Age started climbing?: I started getting serious about climbing when I first moved to Colorado to attend The Colorado College in 2001 at the already too old age of 19. Since graduating CC in 2005 I have organized his life around climbing and have lived, travelled and climbed all over the US and abroad.
  3. What's your ape index? height? shindex?: The Stats: 5 feet 9 inches, 140 pounds, +3 Ape, I've never measured my shindex till 30 seconds ago, 14-15 inches from top of foot to base of knee. Is that my shindex?
  4. What type(s) of climbing do you do: pebble wrasslin', sport clippin', or cam-jammin'?: Although I have certainly spent countless more hours and days climbing on a rope projecting had sport routes I do also love me some bouldering and I have nothing against the using the widgets. Not so much into the crack climbing...
  5. Top 3 Favorite climbing areas? : I have spent more time in the last 12 years climbing in Rifle than probably doing anything else, it's my home. I love me some HUECO and will for the rest of my days.  I travelled to Oliana this past winter and well. damn.... I only wish it wasn't in the sun all day!!  I know you only said 3 but if I did mention The Cathedral in Southern Utah I would feel bad. To me it's a perfect place: the climbing, the hang, the peace and quiet, it's all time!
  6. What else do you enjoy besides climbing? (hobbies/interests/other forms of exercise):  In no particular order: I am a huge beer geek, I train and coach other people to help them improve at rock climbing, I do practice yoga, I love to cook, I run, I like trying new restaurants and new food, I train, Sometimes I really like sitting on my couch and watching other people do sports. 




Dan Mirsky is a 34-year-old New Yorker who got stuck in Colorado 13 years ago and most recently has found himself in Salt Lake City. He started getting serious about climbing when he first moved to Colorado to attend The Colorado College in 2001. Since graduating CC in 2005 he has organized his life around climbing and has lived, travelled and climbed all over the US and abroad. Dan feels most at home when he is in Rifle Mountain Park where he has been climbing for the last 10 years; despite having done over 95 percent of the routes in Rifle he has no plans to ever stop. If you see him there feel free to say hi and ask for him for beta on anything.

When He is not climbing, he can likely be found running on trail through the woods or running through a restaurant. In the Colder months He and his girlfriend Katy move into their Airstream trailer and in search of warmer temperatures and great climbing. 

Through his extensive travels in the US, 30+ 5.14 Redpoints and 100’s of days projecting hard sport routes Dan has become one of the more accomplished sport climbers in the country. 

After over 12 years of hard climbing Dan still has the enthusiasm and love for climbing that he did when he first started. He is continually trying to improve and is always excited to learn from, and share with, other people who have a passion for climbing.

In the last two years, Dan’s dedication to his own training has turned into an interest in passion for coaching others. The countless hours he has spent trying to improve his own climbing, strength, confidence and mental approach have amounted to a knowledge base that he now applies successfully to helping climbers at all ability levels improve their own climbing. Most recently Dan has started working as a climbing trainer/coach at The Training Room at the Front Climbing Gym in SLC.  


Career Highlights: For Dan anytime he puts in a lot of work on a route and finally succeeds it’s a highlight. It is exactly this process that inspires him to climb. Here are a few that have gone down over the years that he feels strongly about. Most took a lot of hardwork:


1st ascent Solid Gold 5.14C Cathedral, UT

 7th ascent of The Bad Girls Club 5.14C Rifle, CO 

5th ascent of Vogue 5.14B/C, Industrial Wall, CO 

The Crew 5.14C, Rifle, CO

Fifty Words For Pump 5.14B, Red River Gorge, KY 

Tomfoolery 5.14B/C; Rifle, CO  

Route of All Evil 5.14B, Virgin River Gorge, AZ 

Lungfish 5.14B, Rifle, CO.

1st (linkup) Ascent Carry the Fire 5.14C, Rifle CO

Thanatopsis 5.14B, Red River Gorge, KY

Divine Fury, 5.14B, Maple Canyon, UT


To see what he is up to now check him out on instagram: @Danmirsky