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Gear Junkie 2018 Review of Pro-Adjustable Crash Pad! review of The Downgrader Strap-On Review by Dan Mirsky


April 2013 - Gear Guide Issue - "Most Innovative"

 Jackie Hueftle - Climbing Magazine, gear Review  - " This one-of-a-kind kneepad features a wraparound design with quick-cinch buckles that makes the pad easy on, easy off. Instead of taking off your shoes or bunching up your pants, you can strap it around almost anything on your leg—no more duct tape, liquid adhesives, or weird shave jobs just to get your kneepad on. Thick, sticky rubber helped climbers hold those beta-heavy kneebars in Rifle, Colorado, and Hueco Tanks, Texas, "  --  read more @ 



 Jason Kehl   - " I don't kneebar often, but when I do, I need to meld to the rock and that's exactly why I use the Send kneepad. " 

Paul Robinson  - "The Downgrader is by far the best knee bar pad on the market.  I have tried all of the other ones and nothing compares to the stickiness, easy on off ability, and leg comfort you get from the Send Pad. Once this thing is strapped on it does not need to be duct taped or even adjusted.  The straps in the back stay tight and the neoprene keeps the pad tight against your leg to keep it from shifting!  This pad will always be in my climbing bag!"



DPM Climbing, Martina Mali, 9/2/13 interview: DPM:" What kind of kneepads do you use?"

Martina: "I never thought a kneepad would be the most important thing in my climbing bag besides climbing shoes. I don't think I did a proper kneebar before coming to Hueco. when I bought my first kneepad all I was thinking of was "Put a kneepad on if you want to wear that mini skirt" [i.e. a kneepad would protect her knees from getting scarred up]. I bought the Send Kneepad, because I wanted to support local community and after a year of using the Send Downgrader Kneepad, I wouldn't trade it for any other, it really is the best and truly lives up to its name - - The Downgrader." 

Martina Mali - Rumble in the Jungle - Hueco Tanks from CryptoChild on Vimeo.

 Pete Cimasi - "The Downgrader represents a big step forward in American kneepad design. Adjustable, well-built and made in the USA, Glenn has done the bouldering community a service in the development of this pad. The original prototypes were good, the following generations were damn good, and this latest offering is in another league altogether. There's just not alot of companies with the balls or motivation to innovate for niche market customers.. SEND is one of the very few in our little bouldering world. Much appreciated."

 Melissa Strong  - " The SEND knee pad is the best knee pad out there  - it is stuck on you and keeps you stuck to the rock!  It straps on easily which eliminates shimming the pad up your pant leg - the pulling, tugging and holding your pant leg down is over!  The buckles slide easily allowing you to tighten the knee pad so no more duct taping an old school pad to your leg!  Also the knee pad stays put, so you are not always pulling, tweaking or re-positioning it.  Easy on, easy to position and it stays put—what else could you ask for?  Oh sticky rubber—it has that too!  A good thick slab of sticky rubber takes the pain out of knee bars and keeps you on the problem!  Excellent design and craftsmanship--thanks SEND Climbing!  "