Crux Taco Skin Sander

Care for your hands like a pro with the TACO from our friends at CRUX. Designed and produced en España, the TACO was invented to help you keep your skin healthy while maintaining those hard-earned climbing calluses. Prevent cracks and flappers, and keep your hands feeling nice to touch!

TACO is seriously the BEST skin sander ever. Its thoughtful design is natural, intuitive and ergonomic. The TACO boasts a variety of curves and flat planes, allowing you to reach every nook and cranny as well as those bigger calluses and tender tips.

HARD or SOFT? Just like your favorite Taco Tuesday joint, this TACO offers hard and soft options! Sandpaper refills are available in both grits, and can be applied to your TACO at the same time. Mix and match your sand stickers to create the perfect tool for your specific needs. Each pack includes 3 sheets with 2 stickers per sheet, for a total of 6 stickers. Add extra sand sticker packs to your cart before you check out!

Never buy another skin sanding tool. This baby is built to last. Buy it once, then just replace the sand stickers as needed. We love that this helps reduce waste and save cash. Use your TACO for life!