Finger Care Kit

Healthy fingers are priority #1 if you want to climb your best.

Combining several tools that are must haves for finger and forearm care, the Finger Care Kit is packaged so that you can take it with you on your roadtrips, to the gym, or on weekend climbing trips.

You get:

  • One Myofascial Release Ball. Smaller than a lacrosse ball to allow you to dig into your forearms and palms better. Roughly the size of a golf ball. It just plain feels great.

  • Two Finger Extensor Trainers. These now come in two different resistance levels.

  • Two Finger Acupressure Rings. Because let’s face it, you’ll either lose one or want one in your car.

  • Two Finger Sized Voodoo Floss Bands. Latex free.

  • Power Company Logo Linen Bag

*colors may vary. ball sizes may vary slightly.