Wave Tool


The Wave Tool is the ultimate soft tissue release tool.  This effective wellness device combines myofascial massage surfaces and IASTM edge technology to effectively address myofascial pain, fascial restrictions and adhesions. No other tool combines edge technology and massage features in one tool.


The wave tool has the optimal steepness of curvature in it’s IASTM edges. This equates to more precise adhesion release. The combination of edge, massage and trigger point features allows the user to achieve better results during treatment.


Most IASTM tools on the market are two dimensional. This design is simpler to make, but the downside is that it is hard to feel the tissue restrictions and necessitates a firm grip on the tool. The Wave Tool feels warmer on the skin, and the 3-D ergonomic grips allow the user to hold the tool with a light comfortable hold, while gaining surface area and sensitivity. This enables the user to feel tissue restrictions and variations with ease, and to deliver superior treatment.


The Wave Tool is significantly more affordable than other IASTM tools on the market.


Resistant to scratches and dings. Will not break. In fact, the more you love your Wave Tool, the more it will polish like stone, and love you back!

The Ultimate Soft Tissue Release Tool. Massage and IASTM therapy for treating adhesions, scar tissue, fibrosis, trigger points, myofascial restriction, pain and cellulite.